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Industrial robot proof of concept: verify functionality and avoid risks

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Key words:工业机器人概念验证
Due to the complexity of certain industrial robotics projects, proof of concept (PoC) is sometimes required to verify the functionality and key components of the design before starting a complete project.

There are many benefits to developing proof of concept, including:

1. Less risk - requires a smaller initial investment and can verify the proposed concept before the client needs to fully invest

2. If the complete system is ordered, the customer will not be charged for the design work completed during the PoC period.

3, highly customizable - we can conduct as many tests as needed to meet customer requirements

4. We can also provide alternatives to design and test multiple concepts.

5, convenient - customers can go to the site to witness the test and verify it by themselves

6. Potential modifications are easier and more cost effective in this process

This particular proof of concept is an application for robot picking and placement. With this PoC, we were able to verify to the customer that the conveyor was able to hold the cup in place while the robot accurately picked and placed the candy in it.
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